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The Rainbow Chorus – 21st Birthday Celebration

- July 15, 2018

The Rainbow Chorus is a non-audition mixed community choir that embraces the very spirit of community at every turn. On Saturday they celebrated with a programme of music that was typical of their ambition, with a stronger than usual inclusion of classics that certainly made me smile. Much as I love the popular music that they enjoy so much, I admire far more their challenges and on this occasion they certainly rose to those challenges.

Of course there were the anthemic pop hits that they do so well, it is noticeable that when they enjoy what they are singing they smile and when they are smiling they sing so much better. Shenandoah was beautifully delivered as was The Lavender Song. Verdi’s Va Pensiero was, for my taste, rather too staccato but when it came to Tibie Paiom they nailed it and as for the Laudate Dominum from Mozart’s  Vesper Solenne de Confessore, well they were on startlingly good form, driven forward by a superb solo from Lauren Boal that had the hairs on my neck bristling with delight.

Throughout the evening members spoke about their experiences and love of the chorus, at times humorous and often moving and a worthwhile reminder of why they are there.

The music is of course what brings these people together but in bringing them together it creates a family, a bond of shred friendship and support that  is so massively important and impressive.

St George’s Church Kemp Town

14 July

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★½

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