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Andy Garth: Answers on a Postcard Please

- July 23, 2018


Our next eagerly awaited Auction catalogue is out, and as you may or may not be aware these bi-monthly sales came about through my association with Robert Jeeves who has for many years been a leading light in the Sussex Postcard Club. They meet regularly and between them have a fantastic knowledge and collection of social, political and entertainment history from the Victorian times onwards.

Well today’s column is a minuscule example of some great postcards that will be offered for sale at the auction being held at the Aldrington Church Hall Glebe Villas Hove on Tuesday 31 July with doors open at 6.30pm for viewing, and the sale staring at 8pm.


The first card is the future King Edward VIII inspecting the Brighton Police as part of a royal visit. Notice the lack of security and up close and personal stance taken by the Prince of Wales, which we believe took place in the Pavilion Gardens in 1921.

You can just make out the paddle steamer leaving the West Pier

The second card does make me chuckle as it is an early 1930s view of Kings Esplanade in Hove, close to the King Alfred (which wasn’t there yet) and Morocco’s ice cream shop, which may have been there under a different name. And the reason for my chuckle is… there was still nowhere to park!


Also in the background you can just make out the paddle steamer leaving the West Pier.

The final card is a bit random but it is Me Morison and his aeroplane at the Prudential Garage in Kings Street Brighton. Now for you older Brightonians, the Prudential offices were in North Street and I can only imagine that Mr Morison was a ‘high flyer’ within the company, as to have a car around 1910 was a rich man’s toy, let alone having a plane that was parked in the town centre – proper wealthy!

If you want a copy of the Auction catalogue please email me at

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