From the editor: Festival Easter Eggs


It’s festival season, and no mistake. Whether you’re heading to Weyfest, Creamfields, SW4, Soul Circus or Elrow Town Festival – just because there’s no Glastonbury this year it doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had cavorting around the country, being beckoned from one region to the next with the promise of awesome tunes and a magical vibe.

That being said, as big festivals attract you to them their gravitational pull also pops up some marvellous satellites in their orbits that are real gems.

When I was galavanting around the Edinburgh Fringe I discovered that only 30 minutes away by train is North Berwick and Fringe By The Sea, perched by a picturesque marina with two Spiegelents and a sea bird centre to host visiting guests. I caught an extended version of Mark Steel’s Edinburgh show (having more wriggle room here with timing than the sardine tin schedule executed in the Scottish capital). With one-off comedy shows handpicked from the nearby melee including Seymour Mace, Arthur Smith, Simon Evans and Scott Capurro during its fortnight run, plus the likes of Sir David Steel and Judy Murray starring in one-off events – it’s a bit of a diamond.

Closer to home we’ve got our very own Brunswick Festival (p7) coming up, with music, massage, and more over the weekend. So maybe if you’re heading away to one of the biggies it’s worth considering a little dig around in the surrounding areas. Find out what else is on next door. And you may just find that festival Easter Egg you never knew existed.

Victoria Nangle

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