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Tales From The Margins (S4, E8) – Hong Kong Transgender Stories 9pm

- August 13, 2018

HONG KONG TRANSGENDER STORIES is the film on TALES FROM THE MARGINS that focuses exclsuvely on transgender issues. The film documents the stories of six transgender men and women in Hong Kong and the issues they are facing in their daily lives.

The film can no longer be shown in Hong Kong as some of the people featured in the documentary no longer wish to expose their identities as transgender to those who do not know about their past. However, everyone involved is happy for the film to be shown where there are no potential personal risks. It was shown at the Queer Asia Film Festival in London a few months ago, in June 2018, and now we show on TALES FROM THE MARGINS.

The programme also includes a video clip about Mimi Wong, the producer of the documentary: Mimi was born male and used to be a senior IT professional working for international financial institutions, she was married to a woman and has a son. She lost her job and her family when she decided to transition from male-to-female .

We also show a teaser from Mimi Wong’s latest project, the feature-length film A WOMAN IS A WOMAN which tells the stories of two transgender women in Hong Kong.

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