- 1 November 2023

For a stage musical that has gained such widespread popularity it was heartening to see...


- 2 September 2019

Riot! in collaboration with the Pride Cultural Development Fund, has opened, taking place at SEAS...

Tales From The Margins (S4, E8) – Hong Kong Transgender Stories 9pm

- 13 August 2018

HONG KONG TRANSGENDER STORIES is the film on TALES FROM THE MARGINS that focuses exclsuvely...

Tales from the Margins – Monday at 9pm: Crossing Bridges

- 20 July 2018

CROSSING BRIDGES: in this personal documentary, Rama Luksiarto, who was born and raised in Indonesia,...

Shorts Out – Episode 3 tonight at 9pm on Latest LGBT+ TV!

- 19 July 2018

Deborah Espect introduces short films about the LGBT world. (S1, E3) Tonight’s show features: “Shaping...

Ride and Pride- Iconic Bike Rides for Pride

- 19 July 2018

How you can get involved with the city’s bike ride initiative by riding iconic pride...


Latest TV Sneak Peeks: Fourth Season of Tales from the Margins

- 2 July 2018

The fourth season of Tales from the Margins, the weekly programme with films about the...

Tales from the Margins: Shorts from LGBTQ activist Krissy Mahan

- 27 June 2018

“Shorts from LGBTQ activist Krissy Mahan”, is coming to Latest TV on the 9th &...


AK Souffle: Queer spaces

- 30 April 2018

My nephew is gay. He’s a vibrant and motivated young guy in a happy relationship...


AK Souffle: From sexism to ageism

- 23 April 2018

Last week I talked about sexism, a broad topic in almost every sense as we...


AK Souffle: Sexism

- 16 April 2018

I’m working this week with a bunch of very bright young people from Salzburg. They’re...


AK Souffle: A heartbeat away

- 9 April 2018

It emerged as a dark rumour, rapidly became a reality that was followed by messages...