From the editor: You’ve gotta laugh


It has been levelled at me that I can be overly comedy focussed. I see that as a good thing. In these times that seem to frequently teeter on the hysterical (in the alarming old school way), it feels right to have some level heads take a step back and reflect upon the world we live in from their own perspectives.

Phil Nichol’s latest show Your Wrong (exclusive interview p8) is just such an opportunity, looking at the some of the ‘wronger’ global aspects going on, as well as a large chunk of his own experiences of simply not getting it right. It kind of bursts the bubble of anxiety, pointing out that nothing is ever perfect. Not least the grammar in that title – how long has that been bothering you?

Another voice I’ve really enjoyed listening to, not least in her BBC Radio 4 show and as a frequent co-host of The Guilty Feminist Podcast, is that of Felicity Ward (exclusive interview p5). Nominated for Best Show at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards this year, Ward has a show title choice partly motivated by a wish to hear posh BBC voices speak it out loud – Felicity Ward Is Busting A Nut just rolls off the tongue – she’s a delightful mix of intelligence and silliness.

This is a bumper comedy issue, with two top comedians exclusively sharing their ideas, secrets and hopes, arriving just in time as we start the notice the evenings getting shorter and Summer jackets just not cutting it on a night out. Let your chuckles warm you up, and remind you of all the great laughter-merchants never that far away.

Victoria Nangle

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