Tuesday, September 29

Grimm Tales: Adapted by Carol Ann Duffy Dramatised by Tim Supple

- December 13, 2018

Poet Carol Ann Duffy’s adaptation of Grimms’ fairy tales is funny and refreshing. Mouthy Little Red Riding Hoody and a delightfully overacted camp wolf were the updated characters for this modern theatrical retelling. The alcoholic grandmother elicited lots of giggles. Cinderella was done panto style, with gloriously wicked drag stepsisters, a flamboyant prince, party atmosphere, singing and clever use of a few props. The women were powerful and Snow White eloped with a princess, but I felt more could have been done to redress the stereotype of women as either young and stupid or old hags. Nonetheless, it was an upbeat and very entertaining show.
Brighton Little Theatre
The Little Theatre
Abby Kwantes

Rating: ★★★★☆

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