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- December 14, 2018

It’s been a year since grasshopper last released some new music. ‘Nothing Like Us/Scream’ was a
glorious thing to behold. Javi Fedrick’s murky tales of living backed with an unrelenting assault of guitars and drums created a hypnotic and mesmerising experience. So when it was announced that a follow up was in the pipeline, expectation was high. Luckily ‘Stricken’ not only matches ‘Nothing Like Us/Scream’, but exceeds it.

Opening with the claustrophobic ‘Grin’ Grasshopper drab us by the lapels and don’t let go for its four minute duration. A jaunty guitar riff and Fedrick’s baritone vocals welcomes up before the band join in and it turns into a smouldering and broody beast. Intricate lyrics are woven into undulating drumming and whirling guitars. So far it’s business as usual. ‘The Hand on the Knife’ explodes from the speakers with huge swaths of muscular guitars and mechanical drumming.

This is the kind of song you want to experience live, as the instrumental sections are where the band flexes its muscles and just drops into the groove, and has the prospect to just go off! ‘I Think it’s Time to Wake Up Now’ comes out of the traps at full pelt and doesn’t let up once. Searing guitars and sneering vocals are the highlight.

‘Stricken’ shows that during their year long absence grasshopper haven’t lost their chops or ability to create almost impenetrable soundscapes filled with malicious guitars and harrowing lyrics. What is more impressive is despite the tense atmosphere ‘Striken’ is incredibly playable.

Coming in that just over 10 mins means it doesn’t outstay its welcome and demands, nigh on constant, repeats. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another year for a grasshopper release, but given the strength of ‘Stricken’ that might not be a bad thing!

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