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Goodbye Jumbo-All Those Friendly People

- December 14, 2018

Goodbye Jumbo first started releasing music on Soundcloud a month ago. These semi-instrumental recordings felt like scratchy sketches rather than polished songs. Lo-fi guitars and downtempo beats were used to create a specific vibe rather than relying on the lyrics for the emotional content. It is a breath of fresh air in an age of auto tune and anodyne production.

Now he has released his first EP ‘All Those Friendly People’. The difference between those original songs than this EP is that ‘All Those Friendly People’ feels fully formed and fleshed out. ‘Vogue on the Roof’ is full of lo-fi guitars, ambient field recordings and gravelly and guttural vocals. ‘Lost Around Town’ follows on with wonky guitars and downtempo beats, but the vocals are filled with raspy emotion that belies Goodbye Jumbo’s age. ‘Packing Up’ is the standout track that really pulls at the heartstrings, while showcasing Goodbye Jumbo’s sublime vocal range.

Goodbye Jumbo is definitely one to watch, as ‘All Those Friendly People’ shows a musician finding his voice while working out how to transfer the music in his head to the recorded form. When it works well, and it does for most of it, you are shown a hazy and shadowy world filled with love, loss but ultimately redemption. At the heart of ‘All Those Friendly People’ there is a raw talent lurking and that makes up for all the imperfections and hazy production.

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