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Resound & Rebelles: Hove For Christmas

- December 16, 2018

Despite the chill in St Andrews this annual offering from two excellent local choirs put a glow in my soul. Under the leadership of Stefan Holmström they really are very fine indeed. Their programme is well balanced with crowd pleasing favourites and challenging new works that certainly keep them on their toes – and we the audience too. The Rebelles  can not only deliver something classic but can also deliver the sweet sound of something far more modern or should I say vintage. Resound have many strengths, fabulous basses and some really stunning tenors, and their independent numbers are far ranging too, classic to jazz with stops in between. When singing together the two choirs make a very pleasing and impressive sound, rich, balanced and precise. It all makes for a very entertaining evening. Holmström certainly challenges them with complex and difficult arrangements but he is also excellent at including novelty items that put smiles on everyone’s faces. The whole is delivered with a slick sense of occasion and professionalism and  the inclusion of accompaniment from piano, double bass, flute and guitar adds immensely to the evening which is above all entertaining and yet another indication that when it comes to choral ensembles these two local amateur choirs are at the top of the game.

St Andrews

14 December

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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