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BREMF – A SALON OPERA – Flauguissimo Duo

- March 2, 2019

A romantic Spring evening with Brighton Early Music Festival, it was almost like eavesdropping a playful, elegant musical conversation. Yu-Wei Hu played a soft-voiced, eight-key wooden flute that Schubert would have recognised while Johan Löfving delicately strummed his lovingly restored 1860s guitar, compact and ornate. Their instruments seemed to gossip, chuckle and whisper confidences together.

The candle-lit charm of Angel House evoked a sophisticated Biedermeier setting for this most seductive and virtuoso ensemble. We enjoyed a treat of the highest quality musicianship, never loud, in no way brash, but in every way as agile and dazzling as Liszt or Paganini.

Angel House,
1 March 2019
Rating: ★★★★½
Andrew Connal

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