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the pilgrim hotel

No matter how much we citizens by the sea love our city of Brighton and Hove there are times when a trip to the smoke is required – for whatever reason. And sometimes those trips require an overnight stay. My recent trip just happened to be on the hottest day in recorded history, a Thursday of soaring temperatures, searing heat and sweaty commuters.

Impressive – stunningly presented but so much more!

The reason for my trip is irrelevant but I certainly was not going to becoming back that night so I had found myself a room for the night in a fairly new hotel in the pilgrim hotel PaddingtonPaddington, surprisingly easy to access from Victoria, a few tube stops away and less than a minute at the end of that journey. When I say fairly new I might be misleading you. The current incarnation is new, but in fact the place, converted from three houses, has been a hotel since the late 1800’s. Apparently in the 1960’s the place was rather “fab” and “groovy”, lots of orange plastic etc – sort of wish I could have seen that, but what the new team have put in place is very impressive.

The buildings have been very stylishly restored, not slavishly so, but with a sympathetic eye to what they found beneath the years of change and what they found to add to the general atmosphere. So there’s lots of exposed original tiles, wood paneling, beautiful architraves, plaster and iron and wood banisters. Add to this, clean lined modern essentials, quality beds,capacious showers balanced by traditional sanitary ware, high rise cisterns with chain flushed and cool white enamel sinks in the bathrooms.

There are no silly tea and coffee trays in the rooms, instead each floor has a well stocked pantry where you can make any drink you might require. A brilliant and far more sophisticated idea for sure. As too is the reception where rather than a formal desk I was checked by a helpful lady who not only made me feel at home but fetched me a cooling hibiscus and peach ice lolly. So so welcome!

I slept well that night, despite the heat and woke the next morning to enjoy one of the best cooked breakfasts I have ever had in any hotel, all served in the relaxed surroundings of the very cool first floor bar and lounge. I think more of us might have taken advantage of the lovely terrace had the heat not been so ferocious.

the pilgrim hotel paddingtom

The Pilgrm is a brilliant addition to the hotel world, simple and stylish,no frills but far from frugal and with rooms offered at a wide range of prices starting at around £110 a night. There is even bunk accommodation available in shared rooms.

Forget your fancy West End prices, this place is cool and fun, well located with easy transport links and a sense of being just a whole lot more special.

The Pilgrm, 25 London Street, London, W2 1HH – Phone: 020 7667 6000

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