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Peter Pan Goes Wrong

- November 20, 2019

Oh how we laughed, we laughed and laughed and laughed as the Cornley Youth Theatre embarked on their disaster filled production of the classic JM Barrie play. To be honest I’n not a fan of Peter Pan, but in the hands of this fictitious company I could watch it again and again. From the opening apologetic speeches it was clear that this was going to be fun, the term disfunctional was never more appropriate and that disfunctionality in turn gave rise to some very inappropriate behaviour.

The fictitious cast are to say the least of limited talent, the set is shabby and the off stage team are constantly on stage. The real cast of course are charged with dealing with all of this, from flying to dodgy electrics and misplaced sound cues, from flying and collapsing scenery to failing costumes and quick changes. It is a tour de force of physical comedy, so demanding that the timing is and has to be immaculate. Where it not the perfromed disaster would indeed be real disasters.

This is edge of the seat, side splitting comedy at its very best and the audience rose as one to give a well deserved ovation to an ensemble who give their all to making this a fabulous night out and one for the whole family. How refreshing to see comedy that does not resort to bad language or overtly lewd behaviour. Okay there are a few well place bare bottom moments but nothing that would really offend. Mischief Theatre Company once again get up to their comic mischief. Certainly one to catch as we head into the festive season.

Theatre Royal Brighton

19 November

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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