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The Rainbow Chorus: Phantom Festivities

- December 15, 2019

Once more the seasonal offering from one of the city’s most popular LGBT+ choirs proved to be an evening filled with festive fun and some real delights. It was great to hear the RC+ group perform for the first time, the smaller wing of the group where people who are less confident about singing are invited along to enjoy the choral experience without the pressure of impending performances, or at least until they feel that they are ready. Well last night they were ready and gave their all, particularly It’s Alright. The main choir served up some delicious treats too, Rune Carol certainly proved that they are achieving new heights and an impressive rendition of Faure’s Libera Me was excellent with a richly delivered solo from Ali Campbell, one of the highlights of the evening.

Less successful in my view was a laboured reworking of The Twelve Days Of Christmas which went on for what felt like 12 days and hoped that the audience would get their collective heads around the complex actions and new lyrics that did not have the same meter as the original. This said, as I say my personal view, a large part of the audience seemed to embrace the silliness and enjoy it. Fortunately they rescued the moment with a rompingly good Gloria in Excelsis Deo that would put a smile on the face of the red priest himself.

The second half opened with a great arrangement of Tonight followed by Finola Brophy’s beautifully worded tribute to the much missed James Ledward and a mash up of I Love You and Wonderful World in his honour.

White Christmas was sung at such a slow pace that rather than festive it was funereal but the whole evening ended with their excellent favourite True Colours and then an excellent medley from The Phantom Of The Opera.

All in all something of a curate’s egg of an evening with real highs and a few numbers that remained on the foothills, but to be sure the RC always deliver with passion and commitment.

St George’s Church Kemp Town

14 December

Andrew Kay

[rating 3.5/5]

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