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- February 24, 2020

Dinner and cabaret, a fine way to celebrate a special occasion, whether it be a birthday or anniversary or even Valentine’s Day and the latter was the occasion for the debut of a new cabaret act based in Eastbourne.

Vintage is a trio of well honed voices who delivered an evening full of classic tunes, on this occasion themed not surprisingly on love. That said this was no soppy romance fest, fine for those attending who were in love, no, here we had a balance of great loves songs and some that celebrated heartache and some that delivered a nice slice of humour too.

And the humour is a constant thread throughout. Shepherd, Harris and Watts are a charming team of men with great voices although on this occasion Harris appeared as Bix, yes Rita Bix, a lady of a ‘certain’ age with a penchant for glamorous frocks and saucy banter. Rita is the perfect foil for the other two, keeping them in check between numbers and keeping the audience laughing throughout.

The repetoire is fun and familiar, songs that everyone might know and they encourage the audience from time to time to join in, which after a few sherrries many did. There are excellent solos from all three, one or two duets and trios too and one could not help hoping that they will build on that repetoire of ensemble piece where they really come to life.

It’s early days for this new act but there is plenty of promise here, talent and versatility for sure and already they are being booked for future events – certainly one to look out for.

Mugshots Cafe

14 February

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★½☆

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