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Harry Potter inspired shop Oliver’s wins seventh award

- September 11, 2020

Harry Potter himself may have cast a good-luck charm over this Brighton store, which has won its seventh award since opening three years ago.

Oliver Dall, owner of Oliver’s.

The Harry Potter themed shop on Trafalgar Street has won Best Souvenir Retailer in Brighton, courtesy of SME News.

Shop owner Oliver Dall told Latest TV, “It’s an amazing achievement and I feel very proud.

“It’s awesome, especially at the moment it’s really cool to get some positive recognition.

“The reason we’ve got this seventh award is because of the number of reviews we get – we’ve nearly reached 3,000 reviews.”

Wear Your House Colours: Oliver says the generational love of Harry Potter makes the shop popular

Oliver also puts the success of the shop down to the generational reach of the Harry Potter story.

“With all the different people in the 90s who were really obsessed with Harry Potter, a lot of them now are having kids,” Oliver said.

‘So what’s really cool is the domino effect of them passing their passion and their obsession to their children and forcing them to be “Potterheads” as much as they were”.

Brighton’s very own portal into the wizarding world draws customers from all across the country.

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, Oliver still has customers coming in search of their own magical souvenir.

“We used to have people travel from abroad but not so much now because of lockdown,” Oliver told Latest TV.

“But we’ve had people come from Newcastle and Middlesbrough and they come down to Brighton specifically to visit the shop – which is crazy to say”.

Oliver’s Brighton: This is the seventh award enjoyed by the shop.

Due to Coronavirus, visitors can now visit by appointment only, making for a more personal shopping experience.

“Before there was a risk that it might not be as magical because the shop might be really busy.

But what’s great now is they have half an hour – and that’s their half an hour”.

Oliver is now expecting an eighth award, matching the number of films in the franchise.

“The eighth award is a Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Award for 2020.

Last year we won another Tripadvisor award so it’s really nice to have the consistent acknowledgement”.

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Report by Olivia Marshall, Latest TV News.

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