Tuesday, October 19

A small tour of the wonderful Emmaus Brighton and Hove.

- May 9, 2021

Do you know Emmaus Brighton and Hove? If not this video will take you to a small tour of the wonderful homelessness charity and social enterprises, not to be missed. Superstore, Outfit Greenhouse Emporium Bedroom Store, every little helps the community to support itself. Research shows that for every £1 invested in an Emmaus community, there is an £11 return, with savings to the benefits bill, health services and a reduction in crime reoffending. Emmaus Brighton & Hove is calling for local gardeners to spring clean their sheds and donate any pre-loved finds to its community. William Ranieri met with Joel Lewis, Business Manager at Emmaus Brighton & Hove to find out more. If you’re able to offer your support to Emmaus Brighton & Hove, visit emmausbrighton.co.uk/support-us

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