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The Mayor of Brighton and Hove – Discover the Women Behind the Blue Plaques!

- June 21, 2021

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, spoke to Louise Peskett, Author of ‘The Fearless and the Fabulous, and the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Alan Robins, about a unique walking tour.

Discover the woman whose house became a beacon to the suffragettes, the famous actress who turned her talents to helping to run women’s hospitals, the heiress who had to choose between a career as a doctor and her family, the first suffragette to give her life for women’s right to vote and the woman who was fighting for equal pay almost 150 years ago. We also hear about some other local women to be proud of. With Louise Peskett, author of ‘The Fearless and the Fabulous, this is a Journey through Brighton and Hove’s Women’s History.

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