Sunday, September 19

The Woman In Black

- September 1, 2021

What a treat to be able to sit in a theatre and enjoy live theatre again and live theatre of real quality. Last night proved the enduring quality of this dramatisation of Susan Hill’s novel, a cracking good ghost yarn brought to life using real theatre art rather than depending on modern technology and trickery.

But that real sense of fear depends on the ability of the cast to portray those emotions and gather you in to that sense of terror and dread. Robert Goodale and Anthony Eden do just that never once allowing you to doubt their assumed realities in a theatrical coup de grace created by Stephen Mallatratt that has certainly stood the test of time – and knocks seven shades out of the rather drab cinematic attempt to tell the story.

It’s a stark piece of theatre, set on a simple but truly effective set that unfolds with the story. These two first class actors assume all the neccessary roles with conviction and the audience is carried along seamlessly.

I’ve seen it before, several times, but it still made me shiver and jump from my seat.

Andrew Kay

Theatre Royal Brighton

30 August

Rating: ★★★★☆

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