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Rebel Riders – The 522 Mile Cycle to Cop26 with William Ranieri – Day 2/9

- October 26, 2021

Cycle to COP26 Brighton to Glasgow Day 2. The group cycled from Staines to Milton Keynes, and William Ranieri visited MaidEnergy, a community benefit society, to learn about heat pumps. Ground source heat pumps use pipes buried deep in the earth to extract heat from the surroundings, working like a freezer in reverse, and can replace a huge gas boiler while producing a fraction of the emissions. As a society, MaidEnergy have installed solar panels on seven community buildings, and developed their heat pump system when one of those buildings needed a replacement for their aging boilers.

William also spoke with Talking Tree, a Climate Emergency Centre in Staines that welcomed the cyclists last night. Climate Emergency Centres have been popping up to repurpose empty buildings, renting the space on a ‘Meanwhile Lease’, and Talking Tree uses the space to run projects for the community. William also chatted with one of the cyclists he’s following, a member of Extinction Rebellion, to learn more about why they are doing this epic journey, and we hear more from Rev Helen Burnett, including what she plans to do in Glasgow. The cyclists are fundraising for Practical Action, helping communities around the country to build resilience, and taking time to talk to people along the way about the climate crisis.

William Ranieri reports Cycle to COP26 Brighton to Glasgow Film and edit by William Ranieri For Latest TV Brighton Copyrights Latest TV UK, 2021.

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