Rebel Riders – The 522 Mile Cycle to Cop26 with William Ranieri – Day 7/9

Cycle to COP26 Brighton to Glasgow: Day 7 of 9

After a wet start in Northern Yorkshire, the rainfall left plenty of puddles for the riders to splash through. The group are crossing through Cumbria to reach their destination for the day, Carlisle. Sophie, the youngest rider, shares a message recorded before the cycle, about what COP26 means to her, especially this year when it is being held in the UK. Something that has motivated her is the fact that we are already seeing the effects of climate change in the form of floods, droughts and wildfires destroying crops and displacing people. These are set to carry on in the coming years, but if we act now and, they won’t carry on forever. Along the journey, the group want to highlight that there are amazing community groups across the country already getting stuck in to find solutions, doing their own research into sustainable agriculture or technology. The group also hopes this will inspire more people to get involved in building a better tomorrow.

William also spoke to headteacher and youth hostel owner David Miller to learn about green tourism. Outdoor energetic staycation holidays are far bigger than they used to be, and David has seen many more walkers and cyclists coming through his hostel. David also comments on how glad he is to see environmentalism taught as part of the school curriculum, raising the next generation to look after the earth.

William Ranieri reports

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