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The Vote with Mark Walker – Sarah Booker-Lewis discusses local issues

- November 5, 2021

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker speaks to Local Democracy Reporter, Sarah Booker-Lewis about a number of local issues.

They discuss schools reducing the intake of students by 2023, cuts to schools on the outskirts of Brighton and Hove where class sizes are being reduced. West Hove Infants School will be moving to the Hove Junior School site in January.

Furthermore, they touch on side streets being used as rat runs due to the city centre becoming increasingly congested. Neighbours around Princess Crescent are concerned about the speed cars come down the street with the number of children that live around the area.

In addition, they speak about Wolfox and issues with licencing due to wanting to open a new venue on Prince Albert Street.

Finally, they discuss the councils commitment to emergency food funds that support food banks and the food partnership in the city.

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