Turn on your TV almost any time or day and you will find programmes about antiques. We’re a nation in love with the past and what better way to enjoy it than with fascinating and beautiful objects and art. Love Fairs regular events at Brighton Racecourse are the ideal place to go, for both seasoned collectors and absolute beginners. You just cannot beat the experience of picking up an item and talking to specialty dealers specialist dealers face to face. The friendly and knowledgeable dealers are always happy to tell you more about the history of an item that you fall in love with.

Beautiful oriental arts


At Brighton Antiques and Vintage Fair, the range of things on sale is quite remarkable. From collectibles, things not quite in that “official” antique bracket but still of value, to the real deal, objects of rarity, age and great value. Price wise the same is true, bargains for just a few pounds to items costing… well costing rather a lot more. Don’t be scared though, there is often a deal to be done and a bargain to be found.

And all those terms that we hear on TV are there, mid-century modern, Art Deco, Art Nouveau… the list goes on, as do the famous names, Clarice Cliffe, Christopher Dresser, René Lalique… and don’t be intimidated either, those dealers know their stuff and are more than happy to guide you to making a sensible buy.


The Brighton Antiques and Vintage Fair is a great place to start or to add to a collection, to buy a special gift for a special person or to locate that perfect piece to compliment your home. And it’s all under one roof, no trawling around the shops or scouring the web in the hope of finding exactly what you are looking for, and there’s free parking and regular public transport right to the door.

But enough of the practicalities, browsing Brighton Antiques and Vintage Fair is simply a delightful way to look at beautiful objects and find inspiration, whether you leave with a simple signed photograph of a star or a beautiful Japanese vase, you will love the Love Fairs experience.

Love Fairs

Brighton Antiques and Vintage Fair

Sunday 6th March 2022

Brighton Race Course, Freshfield Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 9XZ

The fair opens at 10.30 am (9.30am for Early Bird tickets) and closes at 3.30pm. Admission is just £4 (£5 for Early Bird entry). Parking is free and there is no entry charge for children under 16. Last entry to the fair is at 3.15pm

Tickets can be bought on the door, or in advance at


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