5G Festival at Brighton Dome

After successfully hosting alpha trials late last year, the Brighton Dome showcased the world’s first 5G festival. A unique event that saw 26 artists located across 3 different venues, miles apart, all collaborate in an immersive festival experience.

The Brighton Dome is a venue with a rich history. From David Bowie to Maya Angelou, the Dome has accommodated a dazzling array of talent. However, this was a different night for the performing arts venue. It combined elements of vocal and instrumental sounds with the latest digital technology to create an experience never seen before. Exhibiting the marvellous progression in the music industry.

Upon entering the concert hall, I was surprised to see that the appeal of a unique experience had attracted a variety of age ranges. However, amid this variation there was a shared notion of excitement. This exclaimed to me that even though we are in a society where many people are hesitant to indulge in technology, this night was a time to embrace it.

The anticipation was met with the arrival of renowned acoustic artist Newton Faulkner. He opened the night with a performance that displayed both his musical talent and his ability to captivate an audience.

As the ever-smiling drummer Adam Wade took to the stage, the harmonies of various artists resonated across the concert hall. This is when visuals of the musicians who were not in the concert hall itself appeared on screens surrounding the stage. Bridging the geographical gap between the three venues, creating the illusion each musician was under the same roof. Therefore, indulging the audience in the truly immersive experience they were promised.

As the night continued many artists took the stage. With stunning performances from both J Appiah and Sylvia Mwenze who displayed their elegant backing vocals, and not to forget the epic guitar solos from Aleksey Lopez.

The event was a great success and showcased the individual brilliance of every artist. However, it was their ability to simultaneously play, despite being miles apart, that was the standout factor.

It was a night that created the perfect symbiotic relationship between one of the eldest forms of entertainment and the newest forms of technology. Creating a perfect harmony between the beauty of music and the finer aspects of the digital age.

Therefore, credit must be given to the music director, Kojo Samue, and all those involved, for hosting an unforgettable night.

Ryan Fitzsimons

4 March

The Brighton Dome


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