Last year mid-pandemic the city of Brighton & Hove was awash with stories and rumours about pop icon and movie star Harry Styles. Styles was here for the shooting of a new film based on the brilliant novel My Policeman written by Bethan Roberts.

My Policeman had been selected and well read locally when it was chosen as the book of the year for the City Reads project. It reflects a time in the city’s history when being homosexual, although still illegal and punishable by imprisonment, was prevalent, there was a strong if underground gay scene and the city was known for being far more tolerant than other UK towns and cities.

Of course the film is much anticipated by Harry Styles fans, lovers of great fiction and of course the LGBTQ community. Oover in America less has been known so far about the book but Harry’s first lead role is eagerly awaited.

Well word is now out and it seems good. On Monday, an advance test screening for My Policeman took place in San Diego, which studios usually do when a movie is in the final stages of post-production to gauge audience reaction and make any necessary changes. There is still no release date, and the official status of the film hasn’t changed, but if the first reviews are to be trusted we could be in for a good one.

Jack King in GQ magazine reports that  “Allegedly those at the screening were “raving about how good it is” — emphasizing My Policeman’s “gorgeous visuals” and “amazing” acting across the board.  A contextless Gif quotes Styles saying “I’m quite versatile,” and… well, you don’t exactly have to read between the lines. Most importantly, there are “arse cheeks.”

“As for Styles’ performance, apparently it’s “very nuanced. He shows real talent and depth as an actor.” Another source describes him as “amazing,” his performance the product of  “what a competent director and amazing co-stars can do.” (The “competent director” in question is the CBE-appointed theatermaker Michael Grandage. Hopefully he doesn’t take “competent” as an inadvertent slight.)”

Well I am sure that Brightonians will be fast to judge how “gorgeous” those visuals are and how well Styles performs, buttocks and all.  Whatever the outcome this film is bound to get a good audience here for whatever reason your interest has been peaked!

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