Dripping in syrup and blood: LibraLibra, ‘Candy Mountain’

‘Candy Mountain’ is the newest release of Glam-art-pop band LibraLibra, and thunders through your eardrums in their reliably roaring sound.

The recently released single is the lead track of their upcoming EP, due March 2022. It’s a good thing ‘Candy Mountain’ pulsates with enough power to resonate until the end of this considerable long wait.

Beginning with sporadic drums and howling vocals, the track is stripped back to the pure rage it embodies. A ‘full-on revenge song, ‘Candy Mountain’ has one aim – to manifest the intensity of survivors’ rage in a triumph over abusers.

Lines like ‘You like me numb,/ Eyes wide open’ and ‘I can’t scream/ You stuff my mouth up with sheets’ refuse to shy away from the traumatising reality of sexual abuse. Front-woman Beth Cannon’s belting chorus takes no prisoners, instead stabbing the gut. Her cry of ‘Baby, time to put you down’ is met with a power-house guitar riff and fizzy electric undertones that explain the song’s title: ‘Candy mountain’ aims to shock you to attention via tooth-ache.

Far from offering sanctuary, the hymnal backing vocals of ‘Candy Mountain’ transforms Beth into an all-powerful deity decided on revenge, while simultaneously showcasing the  chorale majesty of LibraLibra.

The track’s music video steps up to this powerful violence with ease. Bathed in pink neon graphics and TV-interference effects, the video denies viewers the option to tune out. Dripping with fake blood, Beth concludes the track grimacing and holding a knife to the camera’s neck – one can only thank the bravery of their camera man.

Words by Kate Bowie

Find footage of LibraLibra’s ‘Live is Alive’ performance at the Brighton Dome here:

Live Is Alive – Libra Libra

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