Kate Bowie


Friends, Forgiveness and Magic Mushrooms – Review Beabadoobee, ‘Beatopia’

- August 9, 2022

Until last month, Beabadoobee’s (admittedly pretty short) discography had landed her the job of reigning...

The Heavy Heavy

‘All of our dreams are at our feet’- Chatting to The Heavy Heavy

- August 9, 2022

Kate Bowie talks origins, inspiration and tour high-jinks with The Heavy Heavy. If Brighton-based sunshine-pop...

00’s Brighton musicians – where are they now?

- August 1, 2022

Kate Bowie updates us on the musicians Latest was talking to 20 years ago…  It’s...


Gen Z’s obsession with skincare

- August 1, 2022

The skincare industry is booming – and not for the reasons you might think. Question:...

Painting by Pearl Bates

‘Believe in magic’ – in conversation with artist Pearl Bates

- May 31, 2022

If you’ve seen much of artist Pearl Bates’ work, her flat-come-studio looks exactly how you...

Marbles, Lime Garden

Marbles, Lime Garden

- May 26, 2022

You would be forgiven for thinking that you were late to the enormous house party...

Bess Atwell, by Sequoia Ziff

Bess Atwell, ‘Co-op’

- March 31, 2022

Bess Atwell’s 2021 album ‘Already, Always’ packs the softest punch. Appearing on the horizon in...

Songs for the betrayed world

Art about Auschwitz – Looking back at ‘Songs for the Betrayed World’

- March 22, 2022

Can there be art about Auschwitz? Of the 1.3 million people sent to the concentration...


Dripping in syrup and blood: LibraLibra, ‘Candy Mountain’

- March 18, 2022

‘Candy Mountain’ is the newest release of Glam-art-pop band LibraLibra, and thunders though your eardrums...

Brighton: The UK’s New Hip-Hop Capital?

- March 9, 2022

Warning to all Brightonians: Beneath your feet lurks a volcanic Hip-Hop underground that’s multiplying by...

The Sussex Beacon and their Insightful Exhibition covering the Colourful History of Pride!

- August 30, 2021

Latest TV presenter, Kate Bowie, caught up with Wayne Stone, Trading manager at local Charity...

It’s All About Consent – Latest TV In Discussion

- August 25, 2021

Latest TV discusses the issue of consent in relationships in this studio debate.