ACORN – National Day of Action for Renters

Jack Gunn, Communication Officer for Acorn, explains the importance of the Community Union and how people can join to make a difference. He discusses ACORN National Day of Action which coincides with the launch of the Renters’ Blueprint for Reform, a report which details plans to shape the upcoming Renters’ Reform Bill to make it as transformative as possible for renters.

This policy platform was developed in conjunction with a number of other organisations representing private renters, such as Shelter and Citizens Advice, known collectively as the Renters Reform Coalition. It details proposals which would improve security and standards for renters, address affordability and end discrimination. These include ending unfair, ‘no fault’ evictions, establishing a national public register of landlords, introducing open ended tenancies and reforming deposits – all of which would go some way to creating a fairer private rental sector.

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