Local Adventurer Raising Money for A Great Cause!

Local adventurer, Sam Weber, could be described as an ‘extreme fundraiser’, who pushes himself to travel to some of the most inaccessible places around the world to raise money for charity. In the last few years, Sam has travelled to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, completed a jungle survival course in the Amazon Rainforest and more recently, he climbed Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere.

Being from Sussex, Sam has raised considerable amounts for a whole range of local charities, including Chestnut Tree House, St Barnabas House and the main charity he has decided to stick with for future trips, the Chailey Heritage Foundation.

During lockdown, he had two trips cancelled and never really knew when his next trip was going to go ahead. This meant that the constant training that he has to do to become fit for these challenges is somewhat wasted if the trip is cancelled, causing a great deal of mental stress for Sam, due to never really knowing if his next trip is going to happen as planned.

Learn more from Sam in the video and find out about his next adventure!

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