Worthing Portrait Artist Of The Year 2021

The Worthing Portrait Artist of the Year competition has been running for three years and has become a prestigious event which attracts many entrants from artists and enthusiasts alike.

The event was organised by Worthing-based artist Cathy Verney, who welcomed a fantastic variety of sitters and judges. The special guest celebrity sitter was international best selling writer Peter James who was joined by fellow sitters, Brighton based best selling author Shani Struthers and Billy ‘The Brush’ Mumford, aka “the most prolific art forger.”

Nine artists- carefully selected as a result of a rigorous process- endeavoured to produce a finished portrait of their celebrity in just 4 hours, aiming to win the prestigious award of Worthing Portrait Artist of the Year 2021.

In order to do this they needed to impress head judge David Henty, aka the world’s No.1 art forger, and photographer and art gallery owner Mike Latraille.

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