Music For Connection

Music for Connection is a community music organisation giving adults a way to create, engage, and express through making sound and music. Their mission is to “promote health and well being, social inclusion, and equality, by enabling the transformative experience of making music together.” Any adult can go along and join in, they pride themselves on their inclusivity despite¬†economic circumstances, ability or needs, age, social status or previous musical experience.

Music for Connection

They are based in Brighton & Hove and have been running community music projects in the city and beyond since 2013. Offering participatory music as a tool for connection in a variety of community-based settings. With listening and sound making at their core, the community work with older people, for team building and staff well being, with people living with dementia and their carers, for mental health, and string players of all abilities.

William Ranieri met with the founder, Bela Emerson, to find out about all the important work the organisation do around the community

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