Happified by Tom Veryzer

Tom Veryzer, a stand up and improv comic, is bringing his new show to Brighton Fringe at Komedia! The show, Happified, is a “feel-good guide to the science and philosophy of how to be happier”, featuring stand-up, poetry, improv, music, character comedy, dance and much more.

Tom wrote the show during lockdown as a way to keep motivated and give himself a sense of purpose and direction, realising that these were key ingredients of happiness. He strives to give the audience that same feeling, to not just entertain but to make sure that they took something away from the show.

In addition to Happified, Tom is hosting a friendly and interactive in-person workshop at Conclave Brighton, where he will explore the concept of how to be happier, drawing on practical steps and exercises based on the science of happiness. Providing an opportunity to boost confidence and meet other like minded people and take away a toolbox of perspectives that will make people happier and more resilient.

If you’d like to find out more, visit Tom’s website here.

Buy tickets to the show here.

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