Brighton Theatre are -well what it says! They’ve won 9 Edinburgh Fringe Firsts and worked with and launched many big names… and what makes them still the tops is their secret. Well I’ll reveal it later!Now you can’t imagine insects talking… hell you probably don’t even know what a tardigrade is. (Google is a good human invention). Tardigrades as a species will be the last species standing on earth and live another billion years!  They’ve already been here 300 million years before us and in this play they’re still here and maybe we’re notta when Putin or some other scumbag rotter blows us all up. So maybe yes, Tardigrades are the clever intellectual ones and can talk eloquently! And eco talk the two Tardies do! Tamburlaine (Grace Lovelass) sings fabulously and Tinkerbell (Sophie Bloor) dances wondrously! Hope they can keep it up for another billion years! Mainly thought they debate the future of Planet Earth debating intellectually, wisely and humorously until interrupted by Cocky – marvellously played by writer Richard Crane – the cockroach.

Until the Tardigrades’ lifespan was revealed, cockroaches were the ultimate survivalists of the planet so Cocky has a lot of knowledge also to impart to us. He does this, like the coolest funniest  prophet cockroach you ever met? In InsectLand cool means long life, none of this the good die young shit! Too many cool fascists in HumanLand.So will Cocky and The Tardigrades live long and inherit the human less earth? Will there be a human less earth? What is Planet Earth’s future?  Find out what the experts say. Insects!

And you could despair, it’s easy to feel we humans don’t matter much when Cocky’s been here millions of years and the Tardigrades longer! But you better love your amazing life and not waste a day, human life is brief & does matter as Cocky tells it like it is – like the Mandela like insect he is – in the inspirational and intensely “you could hear a pin drop” last ten minutes.

The Brighton theatre creatives, John Buss’ stage management, Andrew Kay’s designs, Ruth Goodall’s costumes, John Buss’s tech and Milton Reame-James music enhance Faynia Williams (assisted by Jacquie Roffe) and Richard Crane’s literally marvellous work.A great play… a challenging play… and that’s Brighton Theatre’s secret! Faynia Williams the director and Richard Crane the main writer (and often one of lead actors too as in Mozz and this work) are forever young and forever unafraid to bring us stuff we never heard before, we never knew and they make it human in the best human way, the most loving way.

Proof… check the title of the play. Richard tells me the full insect trilogy will be seen later…

Latest Bill… Bill Smith

8 May

Latest Musicbar

Rating: ★★★★★

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