Scandi superstar Sandi Toksvig has been charming us Brits with her brilliant banter and witty repartee since she first appeared on our TV screens in the children’s TV show Number 73, back in the 80s. Since then she has fronted popular shows like QI, the News Quiz and The Great British Bake-off to name but a few. Now she is back with a show that got shunted by a slight issue with a superbug last year, a brand new one-woman comedy show called Next Slide Please! Eat your heart out Chris Witty! Here she explaining what you can expect.

Sticking with shows shoved forward by that beastly bug, who can deny that Brian Wilson is one of the if not THE greatest pop genius of the last 60 years. He not only wrote some of the best pop tunes of all time, he also created a totally new sound and one that has stood the test of time. Now he is back to celebrate that career with his Good Vibrations tour.

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