This rap battle with 50 Cent is ‘deadly serious’ – ‘Pimp (LIMP version)’ in conversation with Eminemmylou

If you wanted to aim a feminist comedown at 50 Cent, what would you say? In ‘Pimp (LIMP Version)’ country-rap pioneer Eminemmylou answers just that question. While the title might evoke a giggle in a listener, Emmy is quick to highlight that she is deadly serious in this episode of out mini-podcast series.

A rebut against 50 Cent’s song P.I.M.P, Emmy takes the original backing production and turns it around on Fiddy, delivering bars like ‘you got fiddy cells in your brain and your raps are always so lame’.

Emmy felt the need to reply when she saw the music video, which features three women in lingerie following 50 around like ghosts. ‘I thought the music video was so sexist and so old-fashioned’, she explains.

Watch the video below to hear how Emmy classes the track within a tradition of classic country musical retorts, and to hear the ultimate aim of the track: that Fiddy (who owns the right to the song to avoid copy right issues) might, one day, find the it while checking his bank statements.

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