The political need for ‘rappers in charge, to take down the bullies of the world’ – ‘The People’s Prayer’, in conversation with Eminemmylou

The year is 2003. The air waves are full of voices threatening war with Iraq and weapons of mass destruction are on everybody’s lips. If only rappers could argue it out instead of endangering the lives of thousands, you think. If you’re country-rap pioneer Eminemmylou, you write ‘The People’s Prayer’.

In this episode of our mini-podcast series, featuring interviews with Emmy about her debut album ‘Muthabanjo’, we discuss the political motivations behind the track. Sampling the voices of Jessie Jackson And Tony Benn (who spoke during a large demonstration against the war in March 2003), Emmy claims the track ‘captures the mood of many people at the time saying, no! This is a crazy war!’.

Such resonance was clear when the track received airtime on several alternative radio stations in America, leading Emmy to eventual meet Tony Benn in person.

Watch the interview below to find the rest of our conversation.

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