Autumn Leaves– in conversation with Latest Bill

How do you make a song that’s been covered ‘a million times’ unique? And, more importantly, how do you add emotion to a song that already ‘says everything about missing someone’? That’s the question that Latest Bill answers in this episode of our mini-podcast series about his new album, Colorado Crossroads.

‘Autumn Leaves’ was first conceived as a poem by Frenchman Jacques Prévert. Telling a universal tale of heartbreak and loss, it’s no surprise that hundred of artists have been drawn to cover the track.

‘I wanted to do it in my own way’, explains Bill. As ‘most people make it swing’ by introducing jazz elements, Bill took the track another way and introduced his signature Celtic sound. The tracks echoing vocals and melancholic violin quartet imbues ‘Autumn Leaves’ with more depth perhaps more true to the original poem.

Listen to the rest of our short interview to learn about how the other artists Bill introduced to the track helped it come alive.

Listen and watch the video for Autumn Leaves below.

Words by Kate Bowie

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