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Global fans for local artist Eminemmylou

- 12 April 2024

  Eminemmylou’s new 2024 album, Ungullible has already reached over 150 countries via over 300...

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Latest Bill’s manifesto: ‘no religion should be based on suffering’ – in conversation with Latest Bil

- 30 August 2022

While much of Latest Bill’s new album Colorado Crossroads makes big statements about life, ‘Upon...

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‘Something cataclysmic’ – in conversation with Latest Bill

- 23 August 2022

How do you end an album filled with songs that cover everything from true love...

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How to show that you ‘Love Somebody (Yes I Do!) – in conversation with Latest Bill

- 10 August 2022

Being in love comes with a miscellany of emotions. Longing (‘I wish they’d look my...

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A love story at the Goldstone football grounds– In conversation with Latest Bill

- 4 August 2022

To some, a football ground might not scream romance. In ‘I Remember a Wonderful Night’,...

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‘Helping other people is often really just helping yourself’– in conversation with Latest Bill

- 1 August 2022

Someone is in need of shelter and, as the story goes, a kind Samaritan will...

The 00’s musicians who built Brighton’s DIY scene – where are they now?

- 1 August 2022

Kate Bowie updates us on the musicians Latest was talking to 20 years ago…  It’s...

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Autumn Leaves– in conversation with Latest Bill

- 7 July 2022

How do you make a song that’s been covered ‘a million times’ unique? And, more...

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Looking Back on ‘The Way I Am’ – in conversation with Emminemmylou

- 24 June 2022

Eminemmylou’s ‘The Way I Am’ on her 2006 album, ‘Muthabanjo’ is certainly an unforgettable start...

Ben Solomon's In a Torrington Haze

In a Torrington Haze – Reflecting on Ben Solomon’s stand out album

- 25 March 2022

Ben Solomon’s 2003 album ‘Torrington Haze’ is, in some ways, aptly named. It evokes the...

A People’s Opera – Seth Morgan In This Way For The Gas, Ladies & Gentlemen

- 3 February 2020

The Life And Death Orchestra, Brighton Perform This Way For The Gas Ladies & Gentlemen...