Jurassic World: Dominion, not dominating the box office

Jurassic World: Domination, the seemingly perfect film for fans of the original Jurassic Park franchise and the ideal end to the newer, spin-off Jurassic World franchise, bringing together the originals with the modern. Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, and Laura Dern reunited after 30 years, once again, feeling the disastrous effects of Jurassic World. However this time, they are joined by Chris Pratt (as Owen), Bryce Dallas Howard (as Claire), DeWanda Wise (as Kayla) and Isabella Sermon (as Maisie) with whom they try and defeat the evil masterminds behind the organisation, BioSyn.

Jurassic Park

I enjoyed aspects of the film overall, but definitely wasn’t a fan for the whole 2 hours. The story line was uninteresting, and having little to do with dinosaurs, which the franchise is known for. It also took half the film for the two groups to connect, with the ‘newer generations’ (Pratt, Howard and Wise) story arc feeling more like a Mission Impossible movie than Jurassic Park with all the stunt fights and camera angles. Dern and Neill’s story (with the help of Sermon’s character- Maisie) was more like an Indiana Jones film than either the originals or from the narration of Pratt’s story arc. I found this part to be the most boring, personally I enjoy story plots and character driven drama more than fight scenes. However, when the two groups did eventually join forces to take down Rainn Delacourt (played by Scott Haze) and his organisation; BioSyn, the film once again gained my interest. We get to see more dinosaurs, with the domestic drama elements such as family and romance also being played out between Alan (Neill’s character) and Ellie (Dern) touching on their relationship from the first trilogy. As well as the family dynamic being between Claire, Owen, and Maisie which carries on from previous films.

The dinosaurs were incredible, which is something these franchises are known for. Their GIC was revolutionary in the 90s under Spielberg’s direction and the spectacle they continue to show is brilliant for audiences, however, that’s the only incredible part of this film. I would recommend watching it if you want to see all the films and for the conclusion of the Jurassic World franchise but overall, it’s not a film I would generally recommend to others.

Words by Ben Wheeler

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