‘Kazi Lee’ shows us that University can’t teach you everything– in conversation with Latest Bill

Have you ever had a friend who’s so unique you just wanted to sing their praises? In his song ‘Kazi Lee’, Latest Bill literally did just that. In this episode of our mini podcast series with Latest Bill we discuss this track, which features on his new album ‘Colorado Crossroads’.

Based on a friend who ‘never went to university, but is one of the brightest people I’ve ever met’, ‘Kazi’ is an upbeat country track that tell us the titular character has ‘more pep than Peter Pan’ but ‘doesn’t have a plan’.

The combination of country music and higher-education-critical sentiment is particularly resonant for Bill, who went to Oxford and then joined a country band immediately after.

Listen to the rest of our interview to hear about what initially attracted Bill to the country genre and the community wisdom that Bill thinks is perhaps more valuable than higher education.

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