‘A few mornings after’– In conversation with Latest Bill

There’s no doubt about it – adultery is, as Latest Bill puts it, ‘morally difficult’. In the twin track to ‘Drunk Again’, the song that legitimises cheating through the argument that ‘love is all powerful’, ‘Why Do You Always Go Out Chasing Strangers (When You’ve Got a Stranger at Home)’ tells the other side of the story.

In this episode of our mini podcast series in conversation with Latest Bill about his new album Colorado Crossroads, we talk about the album’s accompanying songs that ‘are two opposite ends of the spectrum’.

This track, which highlights the aftermath of infidelity, comes after the first defensive one. We discuss how that choice forces the listener to indulge the first song’s message, before being assaulted with the emotional fallout of the second.

As Bill puts it, ‘it’s like the morning after. Or maybe a few mornings after’.

Listen to our whole conversation here:

And listen to Bill’s track here:

Words by Kate Bowie

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