Fatboy Slim On The Beach 2022!

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the most iconic dance event in modern history, Fatboy Slim returned to Brighton Beach to salute the biggest free party to ever take place on British soil – changing the UK’s musical landscape forever.

On July 13th 2002, UK music history was made when 250,000 ravers flocked to Brighton Beach for a party unlike any before or since. Widely regarded as the UK’s answer to Woodstock, the legendary event brought the whole city to a standstill, turning the entire beach into a writhing mass of happy smiling faces. Dancers clung onto anything they could just to get a better view of the maestros Fatboy Slim and Midfield General as they served up the now-seminal soundtrack.

The official mix compilation still remains a cult favorite two decades later and the mythology around the event has only grown in the years since.

It’s impossible to understate the immense legacy left by Big Beach Boutique. Norman Cook is still undoubtedly one of the immortal worldwide DJ kings and 20 years on he hasn’t aged a day (at least on stage), inspiring old and new generations with his magnetic personality and genuine will to have a good old style party at every single performance, and I’m so proud to have him in Brighton!


William Ranieri reports

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