Superfriends at Latest Music Bar!

Superfriends are a 3-piece indie-punk band based in Brighton who formed around five years ago. Harry on vocals and guitar, Jake on bass and backing vocals and Callum, drums and backing vocals.

They describe themselves as “three good friends from Brighton (UK), who decided to form a DIY indie punk band.” They “had a couple of self-produced releases before covid hit, then laid low for a while during all the lockdowns.” As you may have guessed from their band name, they are very influenced by classic episodes of The Simpsons, and 90s culture in general. (

We hear one of their songs, Blimpy Boy, a song that deals with the aftermath of a break up and the process of rediscovering yourself.

They performed at Latest Music Bar on Saturday 23rd July as part of the solidarity fundraiser concert for strikers of the RMT and Saint James Tavern (UWV).

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