The Sussex Seabed Restoration Project Need Our Help!

“Sussex Seabed Restoration Project’s ambition is to work at the heart of local community. We achieve this through creating and developing awareness of the consequences of historical and ongoing destruction of the Sussex seabed, highlighting the environmental impact it had and how communities can now play a crucial role in the protection and re-wilding of our sea. The Sussex Seabed Restoration Project is Community Interest Company that wants to deliver on a long-term Kelp restoration project that will create awareness across Sussex, and restore the coastal environment to it’s former natural beauty.”

“Sussex inshore waters once had a vast cover of Kelp beds, rich in biodiversity with many different species of seaweed. This was degraded over time by destructive fishing practices such as trawling, which left the coast scarred and barren. Two hundred square km of Sussex inshore waters are now free from bottom trawling, due to a policy ban which came into force in March 2021.”

William Ranieri met with the founder Steve Allnutt to find out more and how we can all help.

To donate and help the seabed around Sussex, visit their crowdfunder.

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