Dada Masilo: The Sacrifice

It’s always a thrill to attend a work by a modern dance company, or indeed any dance company, and find that the music is being played live. For Masilo’s new work inspired by Pina Bausch’s The Rite Of Spring, the on stage musicians were not just playing the score but were an integral part of the entire performance with the finely voiced vocalist actually drifting through the dance at both the beginning and the end.

The music here was certainly not playing a secondary role, it was captivatingly beautiful, rhythmic at times, gently atmospheric at others but always present and if I had one criticism it would be that there position at the extreme right of the platform sometime divided my attention, just occasionally.

But this is a minor quibble because Masilo is a fascinating performer and choreographer and her company of exquisite dancers are very finely drilled in this work that balances modern European forms with African seamlessly.

The sense of sacrifice is there throughout, at times passionate and erotic, at times filled with fear and with resignation and at moments filled with a sense of ritual and controlled behaviour.

At just over an hour I could happily have watched more, not that it seemed in any way incomplete, just that it was very absorbing, and as for the score…well I would love to listen again and will certainly be seeking it out.

Andrew Kay

Brighton Dome Concert Hall

22 February

Rating: ★★★★★

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