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Join us at “Get Happier: Building Happier Communities”

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We would like to invite you to the Get Happier: Building Happier Communities event at the British Engineerium in Hove, East Sussex, on 20th March 2023, which is International Happiness Day.

Come along and learn about what academics, policymakers and practitioners think they know about happiness – and what they have still to learn. Come along if you simply want to have a good time because, alongside the discussions and debates, there will be food, live music, DJs, and a range of activities known to boost happiness.

We’ve created an event that will not only be a pleasurable and purposeful experience, but will also shed light on how to be happier, drawing on the latest evidence and practice.

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20th March 2023

9.30am – 6pm for discussions, debates and activities

6pm – 10pm Party with DJ

Download the Programme Guide

The Engineerium is under new ownership and we are launching the Lifetime Wellbeing Cooperative (LWC), which aims to build happier communities by embedding research in practice. It is a partnership between Professor Paul Dolan, who has three decades of research experience at the forefront of health economics, behavioural science and science of happiness, and Luke Johnson, a leading entrepreneur who has recognised the need to improve wellbeing, especially since the pandemic. The LWC will operate as a non-profit, designed to rebuild fractured relationships in communities and workplaces.

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