Streams Do Come True at East Sussex College!

Do you want to get into the TV Film and Streaming industry fast without spending years sitting in a classroom! Well here’s your chance.

Peacehaven Beach Wave

This 6 week ALL practical course will teach you all you need to know to make your own films and stream them. Watch these students in this film, they largely made this film and they tell you about this new course where you get to learn what you need and where the teachers give you the personal attention to give you the skills you need to do the job you want in life. The advanced course is 12 weeks… it’s amazing isn’t it! And it’s free in many cases too! And it’s working …many of the students who’ve completed the course are now working in the industry!!!

Streaming Course Poster

In Hollywood they would say your streams will come true and you know sometimes they’re right!

Peacehaven Beach

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