Too Many T’s

Too Many T’s
April 1st 2023

It’s no April Fools, the boys were back in Bri-town last week. Going off and leaving it all on the stage as we’ve come to expect.

The bar is high and the ‘Back to Back’ rap tour is almost closed for biz, wrapping up in London last week! Blowing into the Hope and Ruin, Pass the Mic was blasting. A fitting start to the night for the British Beastie Boys. These two fresh brothers from other mothers are the real McCoy. I’ve been following the T’s for almost a decade now and they’ve massively upped their game. Production’s tight, rhymes are tighter and they’ve found themselves a champion in DJ Mr. Switch.

Their brilliant bouncing rhymes and quick Back to Backs in time had the sold out Brighton audience captivated. Their unique and complimentary performance style even comes out in their dress. Ross has adopted the Jamiroquai hat and unfairly, the international short man shoe. But his snap-backed sidekick is not bothered because he can still jump his height. And together, the pair are still larger than life!

They’ve hit the narrow British roads with their third studio album ‘All Good Good’ named after me, and “just released” a few months back. Along with their Back to Back series which as we dance, is racking up plays in the millions!

One thing that hasn’t changed is that their explosive showmanship is still unparalleled, and their party presence is contagious! Their openers: Mini Da Minx and The Scribes also deserve an honourable mention and we look forward to bumping to them again.

Too Many T’s are a 2 man festival on a stage! Their old faves and new styles were all appreciated by the loyal Brighton crowd. They got up front with raw flow, they got behind the decks and they gave us new tracks and fan shout out requests. They even managed Billy Jean as a back track. The T’s pack the friendliest punch and are always so much fun. Quick, run and catch the Southern Fail to Hackney to catch their last show. You won’t be disappointed!

Words by Jenn Good

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