Don’t Buck the Fizz

I recently went to a rather smart, I was told, event in a rather smart, I was told, venue. On arriving my coat was taken and a stylish young person approached with a tray of coupes. “May I offer you a glass of Prosecco?” they asked. My reply was somewhat peevish “Oh I am sorry, I must be in the wrong place, I’m not with the hen party!”.

I know, it was mean, and certainly not the fault of the server, but really, are you like me rather tired of this Italian pretender. Yes, yes I know there are some pretty decent Proseccos out there, and they have their place  but not when attached the the word “smart”.

I quite understand that serving quality sparkling wine whether it is English or French can be see as profligate when large numbers are involved and especially as prices rise and rise. So I was rather impressed when recently presented by another alternative, Cava, yes Cava.

Yes I know there are some pretty grim Spanish sparkling pretenders to the champagne throne, ferociously fizzy and sharp as a knife but let me draw your attention to something of quality.

Codorníu is made in exactly the same way as Champagne but just not in France. Codorníu 1872 Brut opened with that reassuring pop that one hopes for but the bubbles, or mousse as I should say, are fine and gentle, and I have to say they last. So many cheap bottles of fizz will open with a bang but pretty soon fall flat. It tastes good too, a soft dryness, not acidic but certainly not sweet and where I to use the most commonly used parlance for a champagne, there was a delicate toasty edge to the palate.

With Eurovision coming this weekend this would make the ideal party drink without breaking the bank!

At a very reasonable price, £7.99 a bottle – this is certainly a steal and next time I want to do champagne style with a beer bottle pocket this will be my go to tipple. Codorníu Is available from Waitrose on offer but prices may vary from other outlets.

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