Lord God – Almighty success for Brian Mitchell – the “God” of Musical Theatre

Lord God was a masterful piece of musical theatre entertainment at its finest. Performed with minimal, interchangeable set, it transforms the viewer to another heavenly world…and also Devon, with the greatest of ease.

Lord God

The cast of 4 actors portrayed a menagerie of characters that were both funny and relatable.
Murray Simon playing the hapless, bumbling, loveable GOD Himself was delightful to watch, with charming traces of Firth’s Mr Darcy when he finally decides to woo and wow the gentile heroine played expertly by Emma Wingrove. Emma really captured the viewers’ attention and her beauty, both as an actor and character(s), shone through. The chemistry and comedic timing between these two were sensational and a joy to watch.

Brian Mitchell, having written the piece, gave a tremendous portrayal of several different characters, from the Angel Gabriel to Satan. Could there be a wider spanned,  more conflicting range? And yet he did it superbly.

Lord God cast

The fourth member of cast, Joanna Neary, was wonderful as a multi-character and she linked the scene changes together with style and grace. Her range of dialects and comedy styling was impressive and, as the play progressed, I found myself laughing before she said anything, anticipating the joy that was surely to come.

All cast had both ensemble and solo songs within the play and I found Murray’s solo to be particularly emotional. All were performed beautifully and with the right amount of humour and/or emotion where necessary.

I have wanted to see this play since it first opened so I was delighted to finally get the chance this year.  It’s a joyous, beautiful piece of art that deserves as much credit as is possible…and I’m sure He Himself would agree.

Lord God, by Brian Mitchell and Philip Reeve, produced by the Foundry Group, was at Lionhouse venue, 19th to 21st May, in Brighton Fringe.


Words by Sarah Widdas

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